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We are a team of professional hackers breaking into the most secured systems, accounts, databases and Configurations


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We are a team of highly skilled, experienced and certified social engineers and hackers.

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If all you want is a fast and genuine result, then you surely will be needing us. We make sure we deliver result to our client no matter what, in as much we get the full details of your needs.

  • Mind Blowing Portfolio

    Due to the nature of our service, we hate to disclose our portfolio for the benefit of our clients. But, we've got a portfolio that cut the jaw off the mouth

  • 8 years of reputable services

    The only thing we promise our clients at hackguru is result, and we've been fulfilling our promise since we started, eight years and still counting.

We are hackers you can trust. We've been in the business of hacking for quite a moderate number of years and we ask our client to take the risk of trusting us - and when they do, we work hard to never let them down at all cost.

Penetration Testing 100%
Password Recovery 98%
Credit Score Repair 94%
Web App and Database hacking 99%
Brute force 90%
Security Advisory 99%

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We provide a wide range of hacking services, ranging from penetration testing to email hacking to social media account hacking and lot more. We are simply good at what we do!

Penetration Testing

We can protect you from getting hacked and we can also help you to hack others

Password Recovery

The computing power of our systems make it a very easy task to break into any account, configurations or systems to get your work done.

Credit Score Repair

We help you take the fastest route to increase your credit limit

Financial Recovery Experts

It is not uncommon these days to loss a lump sum amount to internet fraudsters, If you fell a victim of this, we'll be extremly glad to help


You may want to monitor a cheating spouse or just anyone, we'll get it done for you in no time

School Grade Upgrade

With our support, you can upgrade your school grade, we do absolutely clean job.


Our Hardworking Team

Expect world class services from this sect.

Dan Jude

Team Lead

Randy Show

Customer Service

William Bill


Jeffery Leu

Admin. & Management


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